Golf Yoga at Vista Verde Lounge & Bar combined with a health focused breakfast

Golfland presents;

Yoga at Vista Verde Lounge & Bar in partnership with Balance Yoga Alvor . Once a week on Tuesdays. From 9 am to 10 am treat your body to 1 hour of yoga, followed by a healthy complementary snack on the go.
10 euro, limited space
Why should golfers practice yoga?
Increases flexibility (better full range of motion/more powerful swing-
More endurance (in yoga we hold poses for various lengths of time)
Better mobility (range of motion in your joints/move faster, better accuracy
Increased stability (yoga encourages you to be more grounded)
Better balance
Improves focus (develops breathing techniques)
There is a general opinion that you must be able to touch your toes, or get your leg around your head before you can practice yoga. This a myth!
Physical movement of yoga is called Asana and is only 1 limb out of 8 in yoga. Physical asana was only ever designed to still the body for meditation.
Every single human should practice yoga. If you are a sports person/golfer etc you should incorporate a yoga practice into your routine. Yoga is the perfect pre or post therapy for your golf practice. In fact, a regular yoga practice will have a profound effect on your performance, breathing, concentration and recovery!!!
If you are a keen golfer, why not sign up to try yoga at Vista Verde lounge & Bar the beautiful newly launched setting upstairs at Golfland. This venue is bright, private and already in a familiar golf setting, where you may feel more comfortable.
This class will have a specific golf focus, therefore preparing certain muscles and relevant body parts. Perhaps most importantly it will help you build a stronger mental and breath focus!
Vista Verde and Balance Yoga Alvor are offering a special yoga and healthy snack on the go package on Tuesday mornings starting at 9am. After a great yoga practice, sample a range of healthy and energizing breakfast and tea options for a fantastic price.
For further queries contact Nicolai on 932 556 145.
*Yoga Mats are provided*
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Jun 13 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am
Vista Verde Lounge & Bar


Vista Verde Lounge & Bar
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